make the most of your Spiritual Direction

ways to make use of a journal

Inner Events:  Record and reflect on inner events.  This might include dreams, prayers, meditation experiences, feelings, questions, etc.

Outer Events:  Make note of any special Scripture messages, encounters with individuals, special movies, songs, books, or anything that feels or seems synchronistic.

These are clues sent from God, gifts to call you to wholeness, to point toward next steps in your spiritual journey.

Your task is to keep asking, “why is this happening in my life now?  what is the spiritual meaning of this? what is God perhaps inviting me to?”

before meeting with your director

Look over your journal for connecting threads, themes, images, or patterns.

Review some basic questions to see if one or more speaks or chooses you now.

Prioritize how you would like to use the hour.  Of the things now important to you, which is most important, second in importance, etc.

after a visit with your director

Record major things that seemed to happen.

Make note of things you want to think and pray about more.

Spend more time with anything that has yet to give up its meaning and implication to you.

some basic questions to live with in your daily living, to pray and journal with

If you were asked to describe your spiritual path, what would it look like?

What is your image of God? and how does that shape your spiritual life?

Do you have a sense of the “map” called spiritual growth … any idea about checkpoints or benchmarks?

How do you imagine the soul?

How do you feel about the fruit your life is bearing?

Can you trace your spiritual life?  For example, who is Jesus to you now as compared to some earlier time in your life?

What are the things you would call the “ingredients” of your spiritual life?

Are there things that once seemed important to you spiritually that are now less important?

How could I incorporate Spiritual Discipline into my life?

On a scale of 1-10 about your spiritual growth, from leaving it all up to God to thinking you make growth happen by doing more and more yourself and with God, where would you see yourself now?  Is there a change from what you once would have said and what you say today?


Becoming Who GOD Wants You To Be, W. Paul Jones
The Soul of a Pilgrim: Eight Practices for the Journey Within, Christine Valters Paintner

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