bio-spiritual focusing

Is a method for listening to the wisdom of the body and can be a method for releasing old hurts & trauma.
Is a method for creating a new relationship with yourself.
Is connecting with your inner lover instead of inner critic.

“Focusing” is a process for helping your mind listen to the wisdom of your body.

In any situation, your body is sending you information. Many of us don’t know how to open our minds to this information because it doesn’t follow the same logic as our cognitive mind.

We have deeper wells of knowledge within us than we consciously know. Focusing helps to give us access to all of it.

Bio-spiritual Focusing process

Preparing a space
Growing quiet
Going within (follow the breath)
Becoming aware of your body’s language

1 paying attention to what is
What is taking up space inside of me right now?
What needs loving presence?
Is there anything keeping me from feeling really good in this moment?

2 feeling / sensing / choosing which is number one
Allowing the issue or feeling to make itself known
Does this want my attention or can I set it aside ?
Does this feel familiar or is this something new?

3 asking your body / self “is it okay to be with this?”
If yes, go to step 4
If no, have a caring presence for not wanting to be with it.
Be gentle with what is.

4 letting go into this sense in your body with caring presence
Just being with it
Sensing the whole of it
No need to change or fix or figure it out

5 noticing and nurturing and unfolding
Stay with the sense – offering presence and affection
Is there an image or memory or feeling or symbol?
Offer support to this part of your body by touching or holding it

6 ending and gratitude
Recall how you felt at the beginning of this practice
Do you notice any similarity/ difference – a shift, release? If it feels the same, that’s ok.
Allow yourself to be grateful – to your body for holding this, for being able to be with it
Simply rest in this space or journal any feelings or thoughts

Rediscovering the Lost Body Connection within Christian Spirituality – Edwin McMahon & Peter Campbell
The Power of Focusing: A Practical Guide to Emotional Self-Healing, Ann Weiser Cornell
The Bio-Spiritual Institute –

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